About Us

Thank you for your interest in exploring options for professional quality furniture restoration and repair. r more then 20 years my business has involved every facet of furniture restoration. That has changed. I have become very skilled at precision wood repairs. That is, your pet chews or scratches furniture. Your floor, woodwork, or anything made of wood has incurred damage.

Gouges, scuff marks, chips, scratches, fading and even water stains. Often times I can make the damage disappear and almost always bring a tired or worn piece back to life. If you click on the "Pictures" section there are many before and after pictures of repairs made. No wood was used to make these repairs. A 100 year old German wood repair system using mostly hard melt-in fillers, dyes, finish, and a good deal of technique goes into making each repair.

Although I have a small shop most of my work is done on-site in peoples homes and businesses. I no longer refinish furniture but if you have an old piece of furniture that you think needs refinishing, along with my cosmetic repairs, I'm very skilled at using restoration products in making both the color and finish look new again and at a fraction of the cost of refinishing.

For those of you with older homes or especially if your putting you're house on the market you should check out the "Kitchen Renew" section. We can make a tired old kitchen or bathroom look new again at a fraction of the cost of refacing, refinishing, or replacing. An average size kitchen can be refurbished for $3,000 to $3,500